5 ways to Increase your LinkedIn following

5 ways to Increase your LinkedIn following

5 ways to Increase your LinkedIn following

As you know LinkedIn has tremendous possibilities for your brand to grow and expand, so if you are looking for the goose that lays the golden eggs, you might have just hit the jackpot. Let’s dive into how you can Increase your LinkedIn following.

1.     Make sure to complete your profile

Some people just fill it half way or 75% and that is ok but what we want to do is to let people know who you are who have you helped and how you have helped them you really want to share your story throughout your profile

2.     Connect with everyone
don’t just connect with people that you know but try to connect with everyone in your industry, people you do not know. The more you connect with people in your industry the more your opportunities will expand and grow.

3.     Make sure to Endorse and recommend others

The best way to receive endorsement and recommendations is to give them first,

start going through your friends and colleagues and start recommending them for the skill that they have, leave little messages on profiles that are like testimonials so that people can see how good they are in their business.

4.     Create your own targeted LinkedIn Group
When you create a group and people join that are like minded it will allow you to have more influence, it will allow you to send a message at least once a week to all of your members getting more traffic more lead and more sales. So make sure to create your own special group about your industry.

5.     Optimize your profile for Search Ranking
People are looking every day for thought leaders, experts, freelancers etc. by inserting key words in your profile you will move up in ranking in LinkedIn just like you can move up in a search engine.

Now that you know the steps for increasing your linked in presence. I challenge you to go to your LinkedIn log in right now and implement the steps I just gave you, I guarantee that you will have better results in just a short while.


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